Community Building

Building solidarity and understanding

Surviving the Canadian Dream: Stories of Undocumented Families in Edmonton

This project is in collaboration with Migrante-Alberta through funding from the Edmonton Heritage Council. The project aims to connect Edmontonians to the invisible families living in the shadows of our city and combat often racist stereotypes and stories of “illegal immigration”.

Stories of families without immigration status in Edmonton will be collected. Each family will be paired with an Edmonton artist to illustrate part of their story. To raise awareness of the situations of undocumented families in Edmonton, the audio clips and comics will be part of a traveling exhibition, podcast and website.

All names, dates and countries of origin may be altered in order to protect the identities of the participants.

AWARE Community Gatherings

We had a successful open house on September 24th, 2022 sharing worker and youth stories, cultural performances and lots of food to share. 

Our next community event will be a dinner with agricultural workers since it is the end of their working season, before they head back to their countries. Contact us if you'd like to attend.

Global Cafe

Bringing workers together in a safe space to break isolation, share stories and support each other. 

These gatherings are private in order to keep workers feeling safe. If you are interested please contact us directly and we can meet with you to provide more information.

Are you interested in serving the community with us? 

Please email us at