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Our Vision

A research and educational space where workers support workers across industries, identities and immigration status.

We focus on five areas of community work:

  1. Awareness of precarious work and issues related to workers challenges and opportunities for full employment, education and training supporting collaborative and cooperative development of awareness initiatives that are relevant and responsive to community needs;

  2. Development of educational materials and resources and by advocating for shared and consistent education and training for service providers and community members.

  3. Addressing the needs of victims of under-employment / unemployment / precarious work
    - advocating for increased support to under-employed or unemployed or precarious workers;
    - encouraging the development of support mechanisms that promote the safety of workers and facilitate workers active involvement in the employment and community building processes


  4. Enhancement of government and community responses to precarious work and discriminatory situations
    - sustaining commitment to comprehensive dialogue regarding response models that address the challenges associated with diverse communities responding to worker discriminatory or abuse motivated activities enabling Albertans to contribute to solutions through education, training, dialogue, problem solving and community action organizing to reduce gaps and avoid duplication of services by encouraging coordination and collaboration within the broader community, amongst service delivery providers, and government departments providing counsel to policy makers, service providers, educators, media and community advocates.

  5. Consistent and standardized data collection and the communication of emerging trends, issues and concerns within agencies and their constituencies.

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