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Is an Eritrean-Canadian graphic designer, illustrator (and sometimes writer) from Edmonton/Amiskwaciwâskahikan. She and her work have appeared in outlets including CBC, Elle Canada and New Trail. Growing up in a household where politics and social issues were discussed–all while watching way too much TV for her own good–she not only grew up caring about important issues that have influenced some of the projects she’s taken on, but where possible loves infusing humour and bold colour into her work as well– the latter a remnant of the cartoons and ridiculous things that inspired her creativity in her youth.


Instagram: @brneshberhe

Mexican by birth, in search of the Canadian dream like many migrants. Self-taught artist, since arriving in Canada and feeling so much frustration of the system. She felt that painting was a way of therapy.

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is an illustrator and budding graphic scriber. Her creative work aims to be the center of a Venn diagram where creativity and positive social impact meet. For Esther, that means creating illustrations that benefit her immediate and larger communities. Esther's work is intentional, impactful, and dynamic. She focuses on creating visuals that tell compelling stories.

Surviving the Canadian Dream

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